NGO Posting Fliers In Matamoros Asking Illegals To Vote For Biden
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Yeah, the Left keeps telling us that illegal aliens don’t vote in national elections.  Yeah, a stray murder here or there, but they would never dare vote in national elections.  Why, that would be a bridge too far.  Yet, strangely, NGOs are encouraging illegal aliens to vote for Biden. 

How strange since we all know they don’t vote! 

The pro-Biden flyers, discovered by the news site Muckraker and shared with the Oversight Project, were found throughout Resource Center Matamoros in Tamaulipas, Mexico, including on the walls of portable toilets, a video shows. It’s not clear whether RCM authorized the flyers, whether any action was taken to address their presence at the shelter for migrants, or who posted the flyers.

Illegals Instructed to Vote Biden for Border NGO to ‘Stay Open,’ by Fred Lucas, Dailly Signal, April 15, 2024

I guess all those illegal aliens coming to America and getting driver’s licenses in sanctuary states will be disappointed when the form asks them if they are a U.S citizen.  By the way,  studies on lying show it’s easier to do on a form than to a live person


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