Newt Gingrich's Foray into Cultural Treason
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Former Speaker Newt Gingrich has been a sensible voice in some areas, such as naming the threat of radical Islam. But a semi-recent project (started last September and new to me) — a bilingual website called The Americano supposedly espousing conservative values for Hispanics — is a venture into the dark side.

The whole concept violates one of the basic building blocks of our law and culture, namely the unifying power of English; plus it serves to normalize the gradual creation of a bilingual country, which wouldn't be America at all. At least two-language Canada has the historical excuse, unlike America's disgusting slide into Mexifornication anarchy via open borders.

The intent of the message appears to be purely political: Just vote for Republicans (like Newt??) and you can keep the language and objectionable customs of your homeland. However, the American people still support traditional assimilation, as indicated in a 2005 Rasmussen poll which found more than two-thirds of respondents believe immigrants should "adopt America's culture, language, and heritage."

Gingrich has long had a tendency to mistake his creativity with political shenanigans for wisdom and gravitas. He apparently still believes the unfortunate GOP delusion that Mexicans' alleged "family values" make them natural conservatives who just don't understand their true political calling. He supported statehood for Puerto Rico, believing that Hispanics would be grateful enough to vote for the R-party long term. It was no problema for Newt that Puerto Rico is a Spanish-speaking island and its addition to the American union would be the mother of all noses under the tent for universal bilingualism.

Here's a video (Spanish in American Politics) from the front page of The Americano. In it, Newt says he supports English as the official language of the United States but "I'm also for campaigning in Spanish." Only a well-practiced pandering politician could present two such contradictory ideas as a fine strategy. Every instance of "welcoming" by the use of Spanish tells newbie Mexicans that learning English is no longer required in America. There's more on Americano's explanatory page:

About The Americano:

The Americano is a bilingual site that offers a different take on news and opinion.  It looks to offer a more balanced view on all the issues that concern American Hispanics today, while celebrating the richness of Hispanic Heritage.  It is a place where people can express themselves and read about similar traditional principles.

We have gathered a fantastic group of journalists and experts to offer you smart information on all the important aspects of Hispanic life.

Why the name, The Americano?

Our site is inclusive of all americanos that have come to live to the United States. Whether you are first, second, third or fourth generation Hispanic- or whether you speak English or Spanish or both- our content is catered to what unites us all which is our American Hispanic Heritage.

What's more, the name of the website certainly plays into the handy Mexican fable that Mexes are actually North Americans exploring more of their rightful real estate.

Memo to Gingrich — Americans don't want their country Mexicanized, bilingualized or further culturally altered for anyone's political benefit. We don't want to Press One for English and are tired of cheap hired help who cannot communicate with us. We treasure our national sovereignty and don't want it nibbled away by cultural and demographic means. And if you imagine you can Hispander your way back into political leadership, think again.

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