News Flash: Science Proves Important People Pay Less Attention To Unimportant People
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Daniel Goleman, author of Emotional Intelligence, explains in the NYT:
A growing body of recent research shows that people with the most social power pay scant attention to those with little such power. This tuning out has been observed, for instance, with strangers in a mere five-minute get-acquainted session, where the more powerful person shows fewer signals of paying attention, like nodding or laughing. Higher-status people are also more likely to express disregard, through facial expressions, and are more likely to take over the conversation and interrupt or look past the other speaker. ...
This has profound implications for societal behavior and government policy. 
As a follow-up, they should investigate the burning problem that supermodels tend to pay scant attention to homely, cheaply dressed men who hit on them in bars and supermarket checkout lines.
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