New Zealand and IQ
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A Kiwi reader writes:

I noticed on one of your website articles a claim that the IQ of New Zealand Maoris has been increasing. However, I would suspect the IQ of N.Z Maoris would be very difficult to determine. There is a very high White admixture in the Maori population and almost all Maori now have some White blood. Today almost all people in New Zealand with at least a quarter white blood would describe themselves as Maori on government forms. Indeed, many people with less than 25 percent Maori blood describe themselves as Maori. The government spends a considerable amount of money on affirmative action programmes for Maori and so there is significant economic advantage in identifying oneself as Maori.

Despite this, affirmative action has only benefited about 10-20 percent of Maoris while the majority are falling behind Whites and East Asians in economic terms. In official statistics Maoris consistently fall behind Whites and East Asians in health and education and are markedly overrepresented in crime statistics.

To get a better picture of Polynesian IQ levels one would need to look at the scores of recent Polynesian immigrants who have very little White blood and don't qualify for many affirmative action initiatives.

What, in New Zealand they don't give affirmative action privileges to immigrants as soon as they show up, like we do in America? How uncivilized of them!

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