NEW YORKER: Black Male Singer R. Kelly Is Notorious Sex Criminal, America to Blame
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From the New Yorker:

Why Has R. Kelly’s Career Thrived Despite Sexual-Misconduct Allegations?

By Jim DeRogatis 5:01 A.M.

“If even a fraction of the allegations against Kelly are true, his continued success hinges on the invisibility of black women and girls in America,” Attiah says. “As long as black women are seen to be a caste not worthy of care and protection, his actions will not receive widespread outcry . . . . The saga of Robert Kelly says more about America than it does about him.”

The women in R. Kelly’s “cult” are all African-American. …

One of the women in the “cult” has said that she is “happy where I am at.” None of the others have spoken publicly, but the parents continue to contact me regularly, asking why, given the current public conversation, Kelly’s history, and what they call his ongoing abuse, the media isn’t focussing more on him. Even seventeen years of reporting hasn’t been enough to turn as bright a spotlight on Kelly as the one exposing many others, because no one, it seems, matters less in our society than young black women.

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