NEW YORK TIMES Editorial Board Frontlashes Against Deplorable Bombophobes
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The NYT Editorialists take time out from warning us of the constant threat of Mass Shootings by Dylann Roof types to urge everybody not to react to the bombs in its circulation zone.

Twitter erupted, which is what Twitter does. Donald Trump told a crowd there had been a bombing and we had to get tough, folks. A sideshow battle blew up over who had been quickest to call it, as if this were some game show or reality TV. Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey, who has sequestered his reason and decency so he can flack for Mr. Trump, used the Chelsea blast to attack Hillary Clinton on Sunday TV, darkly suggesting that she and her party, and the president, were somehow responsible.
On Sunday morning, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said, as Mr. de Blasio had the night before, that there was no evidence linking the bombing to international terrorism, though whoever did it clearly wanted to spread terror: “They want to make you afraid. They want to make you worry about going into New York City or New York State.”
The right response to this constant, unending, low-level threat of sudden violence is to stay vigilant and reasonable, to clean up the damage, care for the injured, look out for one another, and elect leaders who will address the challenge with sanity and good judgment. And avoid the wrong responses: A police-state overreaction would be equally damaging in its own way by adding to the intolerance and suspicion that can foster radicalization, isolation and hatred.

Remain calm, have a few drinks, then a few more, get blackout drunk, and remember nothing in the morning.

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