NEW YORK MAGAZINE’s Ferguson Photo Hoax: “The Most Important Photo from Ferguson” was Cropped; Look at What was Cut!
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Earlier I posted on my own site  “Why This is the Most Important Photo from Ferguson”: New York Magazine Writer Has Solution to Ferguson, MO’s Race Problem: Disarm All White Cops, and Put Black Men in Charge; Treat Rioters Like Heroes; and Silence Anyone Who Disagrees with Him.

This is the photo of Highway patrol captain Ron Johnson  "leading protesters on a march through Ferguson."[ Why This Is the Most Important Photo From Ferguson By Jesse Singal, August 15, 2014 ]

The version that New York Magazine published
The Real McCoy!

[A colleague was kind enough to send me the uncropped photograph above, and the following note.]

Here is an even more important photograph of Ronald Johnson:

A state police captain walking in public with masked Blood gang members, no surprise—he is black.

He is flanked by three identified Blood gang members. The Conservative Tree House and others have ID'ed Michael Brown as a Blood member through photos of him giving Blood gang signs.

"Trayvon 2.0 Redux – Comparing Mike Brown and Trayvon Martin Similarities…"

Also, he was wearing a red Cardinals hat when he was shot. The red Cardinals hat is a Blood affectation in that area.

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