New York Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver Gives Up Power... Good News for Immigration Patriots
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Sheldon Silver, the powerful speaker of the New York State Assembly and a close ally of Gov. Andrew Cuomo, gave up some of his powers as a federal corruption investigation continues.
As Assembly speaker for more than two decades, Silver is one of the infamous “three men in a room” who control state government, a fact Gov. Andrew Cuomo played up in a spectacularly ill-timed joke during his State of the State speech on Wednesday, when he illustrated a planned trade mission to Mexico with an image of himself, Silver and Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos (R-LI) as the “Three Amigos” from the 1986 movie comedy of the same name.

The next day, Manhattan US Attorney Preet Bharara had Silver under arrest and called the “three men” practice into question...

According to the feds, Silver used his power over development incentives to scam about $700,000 in kickbacks from a law firm to which he steered business from two major developers, including 100-year-old billionaire Leonard Litwin.

[Sheldon Silver to give up Assembly speaker power by Michael Gartland and Carl Campanile, New York Post, January 25, 2015]

This is good news for immigration patriots as Silver was preparing to use his power to award more benefits to illegal immigrants.  Less than two weeks ago, Silver introduced a state version of the so-called Dream Act.
The bill would allow these children to qualify for state financial aid programs. It would also create a private, state-overseen scholarship fund, to be called the Dream Fund, to further assist children of parents who came to the U.S. illegally.

“Immigration status shouldn’t be a barrier for college-bound students,” Silver told the Daily News. “It’s just not acceptable to deny them access to education opportunities.”

[Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver proposes a new state version of the Dream Act, a measure to make children of undocumented immigrants eligible for state financial aid for college, by Kenneth Lovett, New York Daily News, January 16, 2015]

This also disrupts the legislative agenda set out by New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio.  As it stands, "Questions were already being raised...  on Thursday about Mr. de Blasio’s legislative agenda, which includes immigration reform efforts backed by Mr. Silver."  [Silver's case may have vast impact and alter entrenched way of governance, by Michael Grynbaum and Jesse McKinley, New York Times, January 22, 2015]

It bears repeating... mass immigration is driven from the top down.  And the moralpreening and sob stories about "the children" are simply a smokescreen to conceal the plutocratic desire for cheap labor, Big Government's need for dependent voters, and the elite's agenda to replace Americans with a new people — one far more comfortable with the Latin American government style of patronage and cronyism.

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