NEW REPUBLIC Assumes The Next President Will Be Female (Not Sarah!) But Maybe Voters Want A White Male
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Here's what Foer said, with emphasis added:

This means the earliest days of a policy’s existence have acquired even greater significance. Just as Clinton had to tweak the traditional liberal formula to advance progressive aims, so will whoever follows Obama. Her challenge will be to ensure that her biggest legislative achievements—curbing carbon emissions perhaps, or expanding the Affordable Care Act—are impeccably implemented with the precision that her ancestors celebrated.[Ancestors = white male progressives of the New Deal, who actually did things.] She must contend with the new expectations that technology has set, with all of those devices that arrive in our hands seemingly glitch free. That’s what the Obama administration somehow failed to grasp and what liberalism requires if it ever wants to replicate its greatest victories.
Here's who he's not thinking of:

The drive for the First Female President—led by Bill Clinton's wife—was interrupted by the First Black President. (See The Brothers and Sisters War—Women vs. Blacks In Dem Nomination Fight, by Pat Buchanan.)

Perhaps after two terms of First Black President, and the failure of what Sarah Palin calls "that hopey-changey stuff", voters will opt for a President with experience and qualifications.  That will probably mean a white male.

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