New Orleans Residents Warn "Don't Sit In Your Cars" As Carjackings Rise To Record Rates
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“I found myself mulling over a discussion in our class in History and Moral Philosophy. Mr. Dubois was talking about the disorders that preceded the breakup of the North American republic, back in the 20th century. According to him, there was a time just before they went down the drain when such crimes as murder were as common as dogfights. The Terror had not been just in North America—Russia and the British Isles had it, too, as well as other places. But it reached its peak in North America shortly before things went to pieces.

“Law-abiding people,” Dubois had told us, “hardly dared go into a public park at night. To do so was to risk attack by wolf packs of children, armed with chains, knives, home-made guns, bludgeons … to be hurt at least, robbed most certainly, injured for life probably—or even killed. This went on for years, right up to the war between the Russo-Anglo-American Alliance and the Chinese Hegemony. Murder, drug addiction, larceny, assault, and vandalism were commonplace. Nor were parks the only places—these things happened also on the streets in daylight, on school grounds, even inside school buildings. But parks were so notoriously unsafe that honest people stayed clear of them after dark.”

I had tried to imagine such things happening in our schools, I simply couldn’t. Nor in our parks. A park was a place for fun, not for getting hurt. As for getting killed in one—

“Mr. Dubois, didn’t they have police? Or courts?”

“They had many more police than we have. And more courts. All overworked.”—Starship Troopers

This was a work of science fiction in 1959…

New Orleans residents warn ‘don’t sit in your car’ as carjackings spike a shocking 165%, Fox News, March 1, 2023

Carjackings in the Big Easy have skyrocketed over the last three years, more than doubling since before the COVID-19 pandemic, according to city data.

New Orleans has grappled with increased violent crime in the last few years. It had the most homicides per capita among major U.S. cities in September, earning it the title as the nation’s murder capital before being unseated by the year’s end. And the city’s homicide rate has doubled since 2019, according to the New Orleans City Council’s crime dashboard.

And carjackings soared, increasing 165% over a three-year period, the dashboard shows. There were 273 incidents last year compared to 103 in 2019.

“You try to park close to your house or where you’re going,” Kelly, of New Orleans, told Fox News. “You don’t sit in your car and play on your phone.”

Sally, from New Orleans, said people “have to be aware of what’s going on” around them when they leave the house.

Meanwhile, carjackings in cities such as Philadelphia, Chicago, Washington, D.C., and Minneapolis have also spiked in recent years. The City of Brotherly Love didn’t live up to its name when carjackings increased by 494% since 2019, surpassing 1,300 in 2022, according to the Philadelphia Police Department.

To hear more from partiers in a murder capital on the crime surge, click here.

Almost all gun crime/violent crime in 60% black New Orleans is committed by blacks. Our progeny require us to be honest about black crime and what it has done to America.

For our posterity, right?


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