New Justification For Amnesty
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Opposition and activism by illegal aliens against Acts Of Congress. An Argentinean lesbian has been awarded administrative amnesty in the United States and an eventual work permit based on a marriage not recognized by the government of the United States, public interference in the administration of the laws of the United States, and political activism by that same illegal alien against Acts of Congress.

WaPo December 6, 2011 Associated Press

Lawyers: US Ends Deportation Case In NY Against Argentine Female Spouse Of American Woman

NEW YORK — The U.S. government has dropped its New York deportation case against an Argentine lesbian who married a U.S. citizen, marking an improvement in the treatment of cases of same-sex couples involving a legal alien and a U.S. citizen, a lawyer for the woman said Tuesday.

The Argentinean, Monica Alcota, was supposed to be in U.S. Immigration Court in Manhattan Tuesday, but her lawyers were notified Monday that Immigration Judge Terry Bain signed an order Nov. 30 dismissing the case because “good cause has been established,” said Alcota’s Los Angeles attorney, Lavi Soloway.

Soloway based the request to dismiss the case on Alcota’s marriage to her U.S. citizen spouse, Cristina Ojeda, her deep ties to her community, the absence of any adverse factors and her activism against the Defense of Marriage Act, signed into law in 1996.

There we have it, come to the United States, violate the law, publically agitate against the same law that was violated, and then gain amnesty. No consequences, just rewards for violating American law.



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