New Field Poll: Most Californians Says Illegal Immigrants Hurt The State
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How many times have you participated in an annoying field poll telephone call and you only hear the last part of the question?

That's probably because they only seem to call when you have dinner on the stove, somebody knocking on the door and children following you around with 247 different school forms that need to be signed by tomorrow morning—under those circumstances you would say "uh-huh, sure I do" to just about anything to get off the phone!

The headline in the San Francisco Chronicle was this:

FIELD POLL [3/09/06] Two-thirds of Californians support guest-worker plan; Jobs diminishing issue in illegal immigration

Typical rubbish from that region of Mars but the headlines in various other publications were unfortunately cut from the same know the liberal game: New Poll Says Californians Love Illegal Immigrants!

Let's have a closer look at this poll and two of the (ahem) questions. [PDF here]

This was the exact wording of the question: "Do you favor or oppose reforming immigration laws to create temporary worker programs for illegal immigrants that would legalize their status and allow future immigrants to work in the U.S.?"

OK...first of all that's not a question—that's three questions:

Do you favor creating temporary worker programs for illegal immigrants...stop! That's the first question.

Do you favor legalizing their status...stop! That's number two.

Do you favor a policy which allows future immigrants to work in the U.S. is question number three, friends.

The question was convoluted and intentionally so—had they asked a simple question such as do you favor a guest worker program for the millions of illegal aliens who have broken our laws to become legal residents the response may have been different than the Chronicle is reporting.

The answer would have been "no!"

Then again, the liberal interpretation seems to have skipped over a far more important question anyway—and the most telling part of the poll:

"Generally speaking, do you feel that illegal or undocumented immigrants who come to California have a very favorable, somewhat favorable, somewhat unfavorable or very unfavorable effect on the state as a whole?"

It seems 57% of registered voters say illegal immigrants have an unfavorable effect on the state as a whole.< /em>

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