New Ebola Case: Bad Immigration/Refugee Policies To Blame, Notwithstanding CDC's Frieden's Spin
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Clean up at first victim's apartment. H/T

News broke this morning that an unfortunate Texan has become the first person to actually contract Ebola on American soil: Texas health worker becomes second person diagnosed in U.S. with Ebola By Lisa Maria Garza Reuters October 12, 2014
The worker at the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital had been wearing protective gear during treatment of the patient Thomas Eric Duncan, who died last week…

"This individual was following full CDC precautions, which are barrier and droplet so gown, glove, mask and shield," Dan Varga, the hospital's chief clinical officer told a news conference in Dallas.

The Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is contemptibly trying to blame the victim
"We're deeply concerned about this new development," Dr. Thomas Frieden said in an interview on CBS' "Face the Nation" on Sunday. "I think the fact that we don't know of a breach in protocol is concerning because clearly there was a breach in protocol."
Huh? This breach of protocol spin is getting top billing in the mainstream MSM. But it is just a distracting detail, not the real issue.

This is a good time to repeat: Ebola Strikes America: Bad Immigration/Refugee Policies To Blame

America is at risk because of foolish and irresponsible immigration and refugee policies. If these were not so faulty, this risk would not be significant.
Apparently as Thomas Martel reported last night in Will Ebola Make America The Quarantine Camp of the Saints?  Frieden is an Open Borders ideologue
In a strange non sequitur, Frieden [Email him] attacked the idea of a travel ban by linking it to a border security fence.

A travel ban is not the right answer.  It’s simply not feasible to build a wall – virtual or real – around a community, city, or country.

who is strangely unaware of Israel’s success.

In his CDC biography Frieden boasts of his activities as Health Commissar in New York

  • As Commissioner of the New York City Health Department from 2002-2009, he directed the city’s effort that reduced the number of smokers by 350,000, and reduced teen smoking by half.
  • New York City also became the first place in the United States to eliminate trans-fats from restaurants, leading more than 50 national chains to eliminate transfat from their menus, and require certain restaurants to post calorie information prominently.
Bullying peaceable New Yorkers is congenial. Interdicting the influx of foreign Blacks is not.

This is a clear case of Hitler’s Revenge. Frieden needs to go before his ideology does even more damage.

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