Netanyahu Vows to Deport "Illegal Infiltrators, ... Give South Tel Aviv Back to the Citizens of Israel”
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From The Jewish Press:

Netanyahu: We’ll Take Back South Tel Aviv from Illegal Migrants

By David Israel – 10 Elul 5777 – September 1, 2017 0

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday made a historic visit to South Tel Aviv for the first time in all his terms as Prime Minister.

… “We are here on a mission, the mission is to give South Tel Aviv back to the citizens of Israel,” Netanyahu told local residents. “We have a very clear policy. We deal with illegal infiltrators, not with refugees, illegal infiltrators, and the right of the State of Israel to maintain its borders and to remove illegal infiltrators from it – that is what we are doing here.” …

“We deal with it in three ways,” Netanyahu explained. “First, the fence. Without the fence there would not have been 40 or 50 thousand infiltrators, there would have been a million here. We stopped it, it’s already done. We built the fence, insisted on the fence and completed the fence with my constant monitoring until the execution was concluded.”

“The second thing: … we will be greatly enhancing the enforcement vis-à-vis employers, in the face of lawless infiltrators, in the face of everything we need to confront to increase enforcement.

“We will give South Tel Aviv back to the citizens of Israel.”

“Finally, I want you to listen, to understand that we are serious,” Netanyahu told his hosts, “Just as they did not believe we would build the fence […] and I promised and delivered, likewise I’m going to deal with this problem.”

“As we blocked the infiltration with the fence, now we will carry out the enforcement and deportation, with the round table. You are invited to attend,” the PM concluded.

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