Nervous Wreck Rates by Race, Social Class
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Driving while black, walking while black, shopping while black—the stresses blacks experience through merely existing in an unapologetically white world are well-nigh impossible for the privileged to understand. Never knowing when or why the oppressor will strike forces wariness. It causes emotional exhaustion. Little wonder, then, that blacks are more likely to suffer through nervous breakdowns than whites are, while other people of color fall somewhere in between:

Okay, whatever, but it’s not because blacks are more mentally resilient. That’s racist or something. It’s just that the rich are always worried about losing their ill-gotten gains. Mo money, mo problems:

Oh dear. Maybe people—and by extension, groups of people—are different from one another in various ways. Can’t let this little doozy get out

General Social Survey variables used: EVBRKDWN, RACECEN1(1)(2)(3-16), HISPANIC(1)(2-50), CLASS

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