"Neocon's Neocon" trading Haitian deluge here for Israeli favors?
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Invade-the-World goes Invite-the World...Steve Sailer's aphorism went live this morning with the publication of What Haiti needs: A Haitian diaspora By Elliot Abrams The Washington Post January 22, 2010.

Yes, this is the Elliott Abrams who is Norman Podhoretz's son-in law, who almost went to jail over Iran Contra after the Reagan Administration, and who is considered to have been very instrumental in engineering American involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan. Sometimes described a NeoCon's Neocon, he has been reported active lately "Neocon-ning Obama" with a series of Op-Eds in prestigious journals demanding more pro Israel policy. His last Washington Post article was a condemnation of any inhibitions on Israeli colonization of the West bank (The Settlement Freeze Fallacy The Washington Post April 8 2009).

So what insight does Elliot Abrams bring to the Haitian issue? America should import more Haitians!

...one of the best ways to help Haiti is to allow some Haitians to move abroad...President Obama...should be asking Congress not only to provide aid funds but also to allow a significant increase in the number of Haitians legally admitted to the United States — to several times the roughly 25,000 per year in the past decade

Abram's main argument is that Haiti would benefit from the remittances. No consideration is given to the fact that that these revenues, when not actually welfare, would equally much be siphoned out of the pockets of working Americans by underbidding them in the workplace for employment. The resultant skill impoverishment in Haiti which Ed Rubenstein discussed last night is unmentioned. Neither is the cultural problem well described by the comment to the article posted by Sero1

Is this writer joking or is he, indeed, crazy to suggest this? These are the last people we want or need coming into our country. We have way too many here already. I've witnessed them in South Florida and, believe me, you do not want Haitians in your community. They will turn it into another Port-au-Prince in no time. You'll need bars on your windows, install police locks on doors and get a vicious guard dog to protect yourself and property. Sorry, but that's the way it is. I'd like to see Mr. Abrams accept them into his gated neighborhood.

Of course, this is exactly what Abram's friend Israeli Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu meant when declaring himself determined to crack down on African immigration into Israel:

"Anyone walking around Arad, Eilat, or even south Tel Aviv today, can see this wave, and the change it is creating, with their own eyes. They are causing socio-economic and cultural damage and threaten to take us back down to the level of the Third World."

Abrams does not care about this in America.

Plenty of counter arguments will be offered to this essay, which does indeed seem to validate Steve Steinlight's remark to Luke Ford.

 I am going to consider the matter of motive.

- Why did the Washington Post want to publish this? Was it to make a prominent Neoconservative discredit himself by looking foolish?

-Or was it that they and their friends are indeed attempting coalition-building to facilitate Haitian importation?

- Why did Abrams want to stray so far from his recent beat? Was it a chance to express the murderous hatred towards the old American nation which seems to be so close to the surface with these people?

-Or was it that by supporting something the Obama crowd clearly wants (as demonstrated by their opportunistic and entirely unnecessary amnestying of the existing Haitian illegals) Abrams hopes to gain traction for something which really matters to him: Israel.

Either way, the outlook for America is: Bad. Ask Elliot Abrams why he does not care about Americans (please be polite).

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