NeoCon immigration split? Mac Donald v. Jacoby!
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As James Fulford says below, Heather Mac Donald's Mexico's Undiplomatic Diplomats certainly deserves recognition as the definitive and exhaustive (5,800 words!) statement on the outrage of Mexican Consular behaviour in this country. Having it appear in as conventional a venue as the City Journal will be useful in getting the subject into the media food chain.

Mac Donald particularly deserves credit for placing the blame where it belongs:

The Mexican government will push to control as much U.S. immigration policy as it can get away with. It’s up to American officials to stop such interference, but the Bush administration simply winks at foreign attacks on immigration laws that it itself refuses to enforce. President Bush should worry less about upsetting his friends at [the Mexican Presidential palace] and more about listening to the American people: illegal immigration, they believe, is an affront to the rule of law and a threat to American security. It can and must be stopped.

[Experienced readers of Heather Mac Donald, though, are reeling in shock. She actually acknowledges a source!!! In this case, former U.S. Ambassador to Mexico Jeffrey Davidow and his interesting book about his experience there, The Bear and The Porcupine. She must consider Davidow to be on the same social plane.]

But more interesting is the jarring anomaly arising from the fact that City Journal is the magazine project of the Establishment Neo Conservative stronghold the Manhattan Institute, lair of notorious pro immigration flack Tamar Jacoby. In fact this outfit featured here only last month, when James Fulford amplified on a devastating attack on a dubious pro immigration poll commissioned and publicised by the Manhattan Institute [MI: Turning Corporate Cash Into Influence - Craig Nelsen]

Civil War amongst the NeoCons? On my left, Tamar Jacoby. On my right, Heather MacDonald. May the best man win!

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