NC Sheriffs: "Up To 40 Percent" Of Crime Involves Illegal Immigrants
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Senator Elizabeth Dole recently met with front-line law enforcement in her state of North Carolina to discuss the growing problem of illegal alien crime. At least one county there has instituted the 287(g) program of checking the immigration status of arrested persons with the feds.

A handful of Triad-area sheriffs were involved in the latest meeting in Greensboro. They estimate in some cases up to 40 percent of their crime involves illegal immigrants

"Everything from prostitution, drugs, trespass, driving while impaired," said Guilford Sheriff B.J. Barnes, "the whole gamut of crimes we have out there, and they're committing a lot of them."

Authorities say it can be difficult to identify illegal immigrants, and difficult to move them through the judicial system and then there's the issue of jail overcrowding. [...]

Dole says that's an important part of homeland security, and addressing the issue of illegal immigration "If you want to feel safe and secure in your homes, this part of it needs to be done," she said, "because nothing else really matters, does it, if you can't feel secure."[News 14 | Dole meets with Triad sheriffs, by Bob Costner, August 31, 2007]

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