NC 7th: Will Cheap Labor Lobby Money Defeat Immigration Patriot Ilario Pantano?
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  Ilario Pantano (R) versus David Rouzer: Do mouths matter?

Could it be that Ilario Pantano, the contender for the Republican nomination in North Carolina’s 7th District - whose debate performance against his openly Cheap Labor Lobby rival so much impressed me earlier this month - will be able to give Patriots a cause for cheer?

GOP candidates fight a fierce battle for Congressional District 7 nomination By John Ramsey April 22, 2012 reports

A poll last month by Citizens United showed Pantano leading Rouzer by a 2-1 margin.

It also points out redistricting created

...a redrawn 7th District designed to send a Republican to Congress…the new district lines, which cut out [the Democratic incumbent] McIntyre's home turf in Robeson County…now include conservative Johnston County. Two years ago, Democrats outnumbered Republicans 2-1 in the district. No more.


Pantano’s opponent, State Senator David Rouzer is part of the NC GOP Establishment, which appears to be supporting him – and the money is flowing in: Rouzer outraises, outspends Pantano in first 18 days of April by Pat Gannon Star News Online April 26, 2012

If Rouzer gets the nomination and is elected, there is a real possibility he will be worse on immigration than the current Congressman, Mike McIntyre (Numbers USA career ranking B+). Pantano on the other hand has genuine qualities.

This evening Wilmington NC TV Station WWAY is interviewing Rouzer (but not Pantano) on immigration. They have thoughtfully posted an online poll asking for votes on

Do you think illegal immigration is an important election topic?

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