Nationalism In England—Don't Frighten The Horses
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If you wonder how Europe got itself into the immigration fix it's currently in, keep in mind how much the governments and ruling classes of Europe fear and loathe natural displays of patriotism by their subjects. Here's a hilarious June 1, 2006 article by Paul Lewis in The Guardian, the voice of the British left-of-center upper-middle class:

England flags 'frightening horses'

Motorists who attach England flags to their car windows ahead of the World Cup may wish to reconsider. According to police in Hampshire, dangerously executed displays of patriotism can scare wildlife, cause horses to bolt, and may result in criminal prosecution.

Officers at the force's wildlife crime office warned yesterday that the "loud flutter" generated by car window flags was startling horses and other wildlife, particularly in the New Forest area.

They also stressed that if flags became detached from vehicles they could turn into "plastic missiles hurtling though the air" which could cause serious injury.

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