National Review, The Pledge To America, And the Republican Leadership: Inside Job Or...?
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The Daily Caller reports that National Review is getting entirely to close to the congressional republican leadership over the GOP's ”Pledge to America”
In addition, a 21-page proposal requiring all legislation to be posted online for 72 hours prior to a vote was not distributed to Republican lawmakers until the night before the rollout. Many Republican offices didn’t even see it until it leaked to the media Wednesday afternoon, leading one aide to write in an e-mail to fellow legislative directors: ”We shouldn’t have to get our own agenda from CBS News.”

But skittish rank-and-file members were reassured at a Wednesday night caucus meeting by leadership aides who distributed a National Review editorial praising the ”Pledge.” Two high-level Republican sources said that the National Review editorial had been prearranged, however, by Neil Bradley, a top leadership aide* who is close to April Ponnuru, the executive director of the National Review Institute, and Kate O’Beirne, NRI’s president.

”It was a political blowjob,” one Republican aide said of the National Review editorial.

Bradley denied the accusation: ”The assertion that I ”prearranged’ the National Review editorial, or any editorial, is 100 percent false,” he said.

O’Beirne also denied the allegation, calling it ”absolutely, categorically false.” Conservatives denounce GOP ”Pledge’ as sellout, inside job,By Jon Ward - The Daily Caller 2:30 PM 09/24/2010

I called the Pledge underwhelming recently, and that goes double for National Review, which not only endorsed McCain for President, (all right, the alternative was Obama) but also endorsed McCain over J. D. Hayworth in the recent Senate Primary in Arizona. This surprised everyone on the right except us.

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