NARCOS Is Hip On Gays, And Spells Out One Of NAFTA’s Disastrous Results
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Writing at Newsbusters, Lindsay Kornick notes that critics are loving the drug kingpin Pacho, a character in Netflix’s “Narcos,” because he is a homosexual. The real-life character was gay, too.
That’s right, they are praising a murderous drug lord for being out and a cartel for apparently being more accepting than 2017 society. These illegal mobsters threaten families, viciously kill rivals, and distribute addictive substances throughout their countries, but at least they never thought only men and women should have sex!
Kornick offers a fitting riposte to all the hosannas: “Maybe if Robert E. Lee was gay his statue would be protected.”

Speaking of “Narcos,” during one of Pacho’s conversations with a Mexican kingpin—Episode 4, about 12 minutes in—the Mexican notes how stupid we Americans were to sign NAFTA because it opened our border to millions of cars and trucks. More than few, of course, contained cocaine. And that isn’t the program’s only nod to the suicidal agreement.

The show’s creators did their homework, and not just about Pacho’s erotopathy.


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