Myron Ebell: The Federal War on the Lightbulb: Obama Seeks to Impose California Model of Economic Ruin on the Entire Country
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Ebell: “The Obama Administration is now waging war on the U.S. economy. They are saying, ‘We are going to shut down coal production, we are going to limit oil production, and we are going to start closing coal-fired power plants. Well, our manufacturing productivity depends upon inexpensive electricity, and you don’t get that from windmills and solar panels, you get that from coal-fired power plants. 

So, the Obama Administration is now doing to the country what the people of California have done to themselves.

The California economy is in ruins. They are facing economic doom. And one of the principal reasons is that for 30 years, they have been pursuing policies to increase their energy prices, and squeeze manufacturing out of the state. California is no longer a major manufacturer of much of anything. It used to be a leader in a number of fields: Armaments, airplanes, car assembly, steel mill, iron mine. All that’s gone.

That’s the model that the Obama Administration sees for the whole country. We’ll move all of our manufacturing out, we’ll move it to China, or other countries, and all of us will work in the financial sector, or the information technology sector, or flipping hamburgers. I mean, I think that’s the economic model.”

Actually, it’s worse than that, since the John Doe calling himself “Barack Hussein Obama” not only supports the displacement of all American IT workers with inferior Indian H-1Bs—as did his treasonous predecessor, George W. Bush—but again, following in Bush II’s footsteps, sent $22 million in American taxpayer money to Sri Lanka, in order to train 3,000 Sri Lankans to steal American IT jobs worth billions of dollars, through offshoring. Rob Sanchez suggests that Obama may have undertaken this new program as a favor to his new American-born, professional Indian crony, Rajiv Shah, and to Bill Gates.

Lest I be charged with misrepresenting “Obama,” let me add that he does want some IT jobs to be filled with American workers: He seeks, through affirmative action, to give high-IQ IT jobs to surreally unqualified blacks.

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