Muslims Unhappy About Buddhist "Jihad"
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The Religion of Hate is getting a little push-back in Sri Lanka of all places. Though it is not that surprising. Buddhists, especially Buddhist monks, are not all that peaceful. Just look at the history of Siam, the Khmer kingdoms, China, Tibet, Korea, and Japan. Not to criticize, but that is what people do. No hiding man's sinful nature. But the great purveyors of religious conquest don't like a taste of the same.

The Diplomat Blog June 26, 2012 by Joseph Hammond

Sri Lanka's Muslims Under Siege?

Colombo’s suburb of Dehiwala is probably best known for housing the Colombo Zoo. But late last month, it became the site of a wild protest at a small mosque, a protest that has many Muslim leaders in Sri Lanka worried.

On the morning of May 30, police officials reportedly informed the leader of the Dehiwala branch of the Association of Muslim Youth of Seylan that an illegal demonstration was likely to take place at the group’s mosque. Sheikh Ramsy was instructed to cancel madrassa lessons.

True to the warning, by midday, some 200 demonstrators led by several dozen Buddhist monks allegedly converged on the small Islamic center and began throwing stones and rotten meat over the gate at the mosque. Fortunately, most projectiles landed harmlessly in front of the mosque. Protestors shouted slogans demanding the closure of the mosque, claiming it was performing daily animal sacrifices, a charge the mosque denies.

Muslims are 10% of the population of Ceylon, but you would never know that from the Pearl of the Indian Ocean's public policy. Muslims are disenfranchised, not because they are not allowed to vote and practice their religion, but that Sri Lankans are well aware of their indigenous religious and cultural heritage. Diversity is not a public virtue there, but upholding the Buddhist nature of their nation is. And they take that very seriously, as does the religious hierarchy of Buddhism there. They don't stand for Muslim proselytizing, intimidation, terrorism or dhimmitude. Usually the rule if a population of Muslims is over 1% you got a real problem, but not in Sri Lanka. The Noble Eightfold Path apparently includes standing up for one's culture, country and religion.

A lesson to be learned. But what we will get is another influx of Muslim refugees like these guys.

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