Muslims Hate Christmas Too, And When Muslims Hate Something...
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When defending Christmas against the modern War On Christmas, we're accused of being anti-Semites, because it's the ADL that refers to what we think of as the Christmas season as the "December Dilemma."

However, Christmas has a lot of enemies. Muslims hate Christmas too, and when Muslims hate something, they really hate it. This poster is from Kathy Shaidle's blog.


That poster is on view in a London street, in the Tower Hamlets district, a largely Muslim area where white Britons are a minority, the kind of place where it is not really safe for a woman, Muslim or English, to walk with her head uncovered.

The story is originally from the Daily Mail in England, and it's interesting to see how while the Muslim's do know it's Christmas, the Mail thinks that what they're attacking "The Festive Period." 'Christmas is evil': Muslim group launches poster campaign against festive period,Daily Mail , December 22, 2010

There is an actual web page, very amateurish.

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