Muslima Would “Solve” Finland’s Abundance of Finns with More Immigrants
April 05, 2018, 07:47 AM
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This briefo video of a Muslim woman complaining about too many Finns in Finland has gotten some attention on the internet, probably because of her surprise that Finland is full of Finns — who knew?

Would she be surprised that Saudi Arabia has a lot of Saudi residents? That Somalia has Somalis in abundance?

But the zinger is her idea that Finland would be much improved with more diversity, “solvable” with more immigrants — of her Muslim tribe, of course.

They don’t have a lot of diversity here. It’s just Finns and Finns and Finns, and everywhere you look there are just Finns, that so it’s a bit difficult to blend in here. But I think that’s something that is solvable in near future because more and more immigrants are coming here, and it’s good for the society.
Welcome to Finland, diverse immigrants!