Muslim Brotherhood Is Busy Working for Worldwide Sharia
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>Hostile Muslims who support the ideology of planetary jihad must be feeling pretty good these days. A couple of their top guys (Osama & al Awalaki) got whacked, it’s true, but the whole “Arab Spring” charade is going quite well from the pro-caliphate position. A few reformers in Tunisia got the ball rolling and then the Muslim Brotherhood saw their opportunity to move in and take over, following the advice of Rahm Emanuel, to never let a good crisis go to waste.


CBN reporter Dale Hurd recently visited Norway to investigate how the Muslim Brotherhood intends to take over Europe just as it is doing in the Middle East.

Hurd’s video report includes clips from the Norwegian documentary ?Freedom, equality and the Muslim Brotherhood. ?The film has not been shown on US television, but thanks to the wonders of technology, it is available on the internet, below. One memorable scene was where a self-identified human rights activist in Yemen agreed with sharia that any Muslim who converts to another religion should be executed. Nice!

Not only does the Muslim Brotherhood have a plan to overwhelm Europe with Islamic demography, it has a similar blueprint for the destruction of America, using immigration and deception to defeat the despised infidels. Every member of Congress should watch the Norwegian film and reconsider the policy of admitting Muslims as immigrants to this country. There is NO upside and the danger is real, no matter how many times diversity is invoked.

Below is the companion article to Dale Hurd’s film report:

Mask of Peace: Brotherhood’s Plot for Global Rule by Dale Hurd, CBN, October 25, 2011

OSLO, Norway – The so-called Arab Spring has brought the Muslim Brotherhood to the threshold of power and influence in the Middle East.

But a Norwegian television documentary, called “Freedom, Equality and the Muslim Brotherhood,” is unmasking the Muslim Brotherhood’s plans for world domination.

Walid al-Kubaisi, an Iraqi-born Norwegian journalist, produced and hosted the documentary for Norway television. It has never been shown on American TV.

World Domination

Al-Kubaisi said Brotherhood leaders told him they have a plan to take over Norway and the rest of Europe as a part of bringing the whole world under Islam.

“The Muslim Brotherhood has a practice. The have learned to speak with two tongues,” he told CBN News.

Kamil al-Najjar, one of the film’s subjects, left the Muslim Brotherhood and consequently is under threat of death.

“They’re trying to deceive the people,” al-Najjar tells al-Kubaisi in the film. “They have managed to deceive a lot of Western politicians into believing them.”

“Their only aim is to control the world with Islam,” he said. “They know they cannot use force to convert the West, so they use deceit.”

However, Muslim Brotherhood leaders are quite open about their intentions with those like al-Kubaisi, who traveled to the Middle East and speaks fluent Arabic.

“The Muslim Brotherhood’s dream is to form a total Islamic state,” Muhammed Mahdi Akef, who was the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood until 2010, told al-Kubaisi.

“Where?” al-Kubaisi asked.

“I don’t know,” Akef replied. “We Muslims are currently scattered all over. There is still a long way to go before we are able to take control in Europe. It will take a long time before it can happen.”

Religion of Bondage

Al-Kubaisi also interviewed Gamal al-Banna, the brother of Hassan al-Banna, the man who founded of the Muslim Brotherhood in 1928.

Al-Banna had surprisingly harsh words for the modern Muslims Brotherhood movement, saying it does not believe in freedom “in any way.”

“They do not believe in freedom at all,” he said. “There is no Islamic authority that respects freedom or democracy.” 

Al-Banna also condemned the state of modern Islamic culture.

“The Muslim mind is rusty. It has done nothing for the last 1,000 years. One thousand years ago the innovation ended,” he told Al-Kubaisi.

“What does that mean? It means that you act without thinking,” Al-Banna explained.

Social Control

Al-Banna said the Muslim Brotherhood has instituted the wearing of the hijab, or headscarf, by Muslim women as a means of social control.

But it is not supported by the Koran – even the sister of the Muslim Brotherhood founder did not wear a hijab.

In al-Kubaisi’s documentary, class photos from Cairo University show the evolution of the Muslim Brotherhood’s program to force women to wear the hijab.

In the 1959 class photo, there are no Muslim women are wearing the hijab. None are wearing the garment in the 1979 photo either.

In the 2004 class photo, 90 percent of the women are wearing the head scarf.

The hijab has been called the Muslim Brotherhood’s “logo.”

Mask of Civility

Al-Kubaisi saId Norway and the West have been duped by the Muslim Brotherhood.

“The West and America both supported Islamists, and they thought, ‘They’re religious exactly Christian congregations,’” al-Kubaisi told CBN News.

But one of the Muslim Brotherhood’s key spiritual leaders, Sheik Yusef al-Qaradawi, said on Arabic TV that “defeating Rome, Italy and Europe means that Islam will come back to Europe.”

“Must this victory necessarily be won by war? No,” the leader said. “I believe Islam will conquer Europe without using violence.”

“The Muslim Brotherhood, it’s not like, ‘We will take over the world and the power,” Al-Kubaisi told CBN News.

“No, no, it’s not like this,” he explained. “They don’t speak about power at all. No, they say, ‘Now, we want only this, and then this, and then this’…and then they start to work to gain more power.

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