Murphy’s Law in Multicultural Houston: ”Fiancé [Sic] Of Man Killed In Staged Robbery For U-Visa Speaks Out, Once Charged With Murder”
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From Fox 26 in Houston:

By Abigail Dye Published April 7, 2024 8:55pm CDT

Man killed during staged robbery, documents state

HOUSTON – In January, FOX 26 reported on what police thought was a robbery turned homicide when a bystander shot the robber, but an investigation now shows that the robbery was fake.

22-year-old Rasshauud Scott was staging a robbery that two victims were in on when Jesus Vargas, a bystander, shot and killed him.

Court records say that Scott was working with William X Winfrey, who instructed Scott to stage the robbery in exchange for money.

The documents say the two victims were in on the robbery, so they could file for U-Visas. According to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, a U-Visa is granted to victims of certain crimes to aid law enforcement in solving cases. It grants the victim temporary immigration status, including work authorization; temporary immigration status for qualifying family members of the victim; and the possibility of lawful permanent resident status.

Court documents say police found telegram messages between Scott and Winfrey coordinating the staged robbery.

Documents stating that the two had staged at least two robberies with the same method before, saying they did one the night before Scott was killed on Jan 26 on 4400 Lockwood Drive at the Swift gas station.

In that case, both victims submitted for U-visas and one of them received one.

Another documented case is from February 27, 2023 at 6601 Gessner Road. The documents say all three people who claimed to be victims applied for and were granted U-Visas.

Winfrey is now charged with murder in the killing.

This would make a good old-fashioned Coen Bros. Murphy’s Law movie, like Fargo.

As my wife said while we were watching Blood Simple, as the couple’s foolproof plan misfired, “I hope we never have to turn to a life of crime.”

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