MSM's Marcucci's Stupid Smear of VDARE.COM
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I generally maintain an attitude of tolerant amusement toward immigration enthusiasts, but I have to confess my secret belief is that many of then are BONE-HEADEDLY STUPID, where they aren't actually evil. A case in point: the Oroville [CA] Mercury-Register's Michele R. Marcucci. In her December 4 smear of Vietnamese For Fair Immigration group because its director's husband is white [Immigration group may not be what they seem], Marcucci charges that the husband had published, under a Vietnamese pseudonym, on VDARE.COM - "which recently ran an article on the 'the black-white IQ gap'."

That's it - that's all. Just writing for us is evidence of guilt. It doesn't matter that the black-white gap is one of the best-attested phenomena in American social science. Or that we were actually reporting a scholarly debate on whether it is decreasing. You can't mention this stuff at all in the Mainstream Media - or even in the mouthpieces of the Beltway Right. If it were up to the MSM and the Establishment, political correctness would be absolute.

Last word to VfFI's director LeQuan Hoang: "If you disagree with somebody's point of view, they say you're racist."

Congratulate Michele R. Marcucci (510) 208-6434.

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