MSM Concern on 9/11 — anti-Muslim "Intolerance"
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Today the nation is remembering the five-year anniversary of the terrorist attacks which murdered 3000 of our fellow Americans. We shouldn't have been too surprised, since the followers of Islam have been killing infidels throughout its history.

Islam will dominate - britain

Instead of explaining the true nature of Islam, however, much of the media wants to spin stories about Muslim suffering at the hands of cruel Americans. Poor Achmed, he is pulled aside for extra checking when he boards an airplane (like every American I know).

Muslim complaints of abuse by Americans are encouraged by fifth-columnist groups like the Council for American Islamic Relations, which is particularly relentless in beating the victim drum. (No surprise, since CAIR recently received $50 million from a UAE donor for a media campaign to present a warm and fuzzy image of Muslims to Americans.)

The article highlighted here [Muslims feel sting of distrust, Detroit News 9/10/06] is standard victimhood propaganda, which makes a big deal over very little. Muslims were not rounded up and lynched after the murder of 3000 Americans by jihadists screaming "Allahu ackbar" (Allah is the greatest) when the hijacked planes went down. So the alleged victimhood being flogged is of the most trivial sort.

Evidence of intolerance abounds. A Quinnipiac University poll Aug. 29 revealed that American voters say, by 60 percent to 30 percent, that authorities should single out people who look "Middle Eastern" for security measures. Only 6 percent of Americans have a positive first impression of Muslims, according to a poll conducted last year for the Council on American Islamic Relations Research Center, and about 20 percent admit to being intolerant of Muslims.

Anecdotes also are plentiful. Taxi drivers of Middle Eastern or South Asian descent in Metro Detroit describe the scorn and derision of passengers, who sometimes holler epithets at them and refuse to pay fares.

Scorn, derision, epithets 151 the horror!

In fact, hundreds of Muslims have been convicted of terrorism charges all around the country in the past five years. But the cases are covered mainly by local media, so there is no broad recognition that there is a serious terror infiltration problem in this country caused by foolish immigration policies.

And how horrible can America be to Muslims when they continue to immigrate here in increasing numbers? [Just in Time for 9/11 151 Muslim Immigration Up]

Or perhaps Islamic immigrants believe Americans are too weakened by multicultural propaganda to react to the growing numbers of Muslims, some (many?) of whom would love to see an Islamic USA.

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