MS-13 Gang Threatens to Murder Police in Long Island
April 26, 2018, 05:43 PM
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On gang-infested Long Island, the MS-13 thugs have upped their game by threatening to murder police officers. The cops must be effective in law enforcement to elicit such a response.

Never forget that the Obama Administration Knowingly Admitted MS-13 Gangsters to America because open borders were a big thing for his administration.

The resulting gang explosion has caused preventable crime including murders in areas where the MS-13 killers reside, and endangering American kids in schools that the gangsters attend.

President Trump invited parents of illegal alien crime victims to his first State of the Union speech, giving special attention to the MS-13 murder victims.


Tucker Carlson has been following the MS-13 problem, even visiting El Salvador last year, and he recently interviewed a top cop about the escalation. The gang’s message is they intend to murder police — “just like in El Salvador.”

This is where open borders have gotten America.

TUCKER CARLSON: Meanwhile MS-13 has been terrorizing ordinary people — mostly immigrants, by the way — in this country for years. It’s the deadliest gang in America and it seems to be turning its sights against American law enforcement. That’s not our take, that’s what they’re saying in recent weeks.

Long Island police have arrested several gang members and according to informants, leaders are telling their foot soldiers quote “it is time to take the streets back and shoot a cop like we do in El Salvador.”

They shoot a lot of cops in El Salvador: they run the country.

Patrick Ryder is commissioner of the Nassau County Police Department; he joins us tonight. So our understanding of MS-13 is up until now they’ve committed a lot of crimes, a number of high-profile killings, but mostly they haven’t targeted law enforcement. You think that’s changing

PARICK RYDER: Well we got our threat last Wednesday: they decided that they were going to put out notice to foot soldiers that you were going to take a cop’s life — just like they do in El Salvador.

CARLSON: So why the change?

RYDER: They don’t like the fact that we’ve increased our enforcement. We’re going after the MS-13 and all our gangs out here in Long Island. So from the increased enforcement, they decided they were going to act back. Well in return, we’re gonna act back.

CARLSON: Where are these people coming from?

RYDER: Most of them are crossing from the borders of both Mexico and Texas. They find their way up into the New York area where there is work for most migrant workers, but again those who don’t join the gangs, they get threatened by the gangs to join them, and they go after the young kids and try to flip them.


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