MS-13 Gang Is Reported in TV Doc
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If a government wanted to create a fertile field where criminal gangs could flourish, then promoting massive legal and illegal immigration of diverse groups would be just the ticket. Young immigrants and the US-born children desire the sense of belonging and physical protection that gang membership provides in a strange land.

The Biography Channel recently showed a piece on Salvadoran MS-13 gangsters in the US. The episode (Gang World: MS-13) is posted on YouTube (below) but may not last long.

It describes the immigration beginning of MS-13 (aka Mara Salvatrucha): when Salvadorans started arriving in hispanic neighborhoods several decades ago, they weren’t welcomed but were seen as prey by established criminal gangs. So the Maras created their own band of criminal enforcers.

And the culture they want to protect includes a fondness for machetes, which they use for both chopping wood and slitting throats. Since there are so many flavors of gangs, the MS-13 gangsters seek to distinguish themselves by extreme violence.

Victims are not merely other gang members however. The San Francisco triple murder of the Bologna family was committed by a Mara shooter, as were the three black college students shot down in a Newark schoolyard.

Isn’t diversity nice? We are so enriched.

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