Mr. Average Identity Thief Faces Hard Time
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There are likely millions of guys just like this arrogant, well-fed fellow. Identity theft is the nation's fastest growing crime, with a cost of $5 billion last year. That's no big surprise given America's open borders and permissive attitude toward immigration enforcement.

According to the Federal Trade Commission, a report released in 2007 revealed that 8.3 million American adults, or 3.7 percent of all American adults, were victims of identity theft in 2005. Some of that is credit card rip-offs, but illegal aliens are a "huge contributing factor" according to an ID protection company.

When he was busted last summer, he told police they should be arresting real criminals, not a good family man.

Now, illegal immigrant Adan Tanicio Guerrero has pleaded guilty to ID theft.

The county attorney says Guerrero was living in Mesa using a false Social Security number when he tried to buy a $33,000 truck.

Ironically, the credit union he applied for a loan at is the same one used by the victim of the stolen ID.

A credit report showed Guerrero had nearly $800,000 in loans under the victim's Social Security number.

He'll be sentenced next month. [Illegal immigrant pleads guilty to ID theft, KTAR Radio, Phoenix, Jan 8, 1009]

Another article, Man pleads guilty after stealing identity to buy $30K truck, notes that good family man Guerrero "faces at least two-and-a-half years in jail."

None of the reporting about Guerrero mentions that there are real victims of this crime, whose finances may be permanently ruined by identity theft. For example, Audra Schmierer of Dublin, California, had an IRS bill of over $1 million after more than 200 illegal aliens used her Social Security number. (See ID Theft Victims Get Overdue Attention.)

The dinosaur media still ho-hums about ID theft, despite the obvious financial carnage that individual citizens suffer. Hey, what's a hard-working illegal alien felon supposed to do to feed his family?

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