Morgan Brook Hancock, Fitness Model, Army Veteran, Activist...And FORMER College Republican
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Youth For Western Civilization has a profile of Morgan Brook Hancock, fitness model, Army veteran, activist...and former College Republican:

Activist Profile — Morgan Brooke Hancock | A front line activist tells her story to YWC April 14, 2011

Morgan Brook Hancock

My relationship with the GOP couldn't possibly have been better. I was still young - and still very much in love. Little did I know that my puppy love, along with my naivete, would soon be eradicated.

It was September 12 at the University of Michigan (U of M) when my relationship with the GOP began to switch from sweet to sour - and it's only gotten worse since then. I was standing at a recruitment table in The Diag (a popular area on U of M's grounds) when a young campus reporter named Andrew Grossman approached me. He asked me to describe some upcoming events I had planned for College Republicans.

"I have several activism events planned," I told him. "A Support the Troops rally, a Cemetery of the Innocents display, Catch an Illegal Immigrant Day, Fun with Guns Day..." and I went on. I gave him a brief description of each event and carried on with my day - not giving another thought to our encounter.

That was until my phone began to ring...and ring...and ring.

The first call I answered was from Amanda Hydro, the Executive Director of the CRNC. She warned me not to comment if the media contacts me. She went on to express her anger with my proposed activism events and informed me that Catch an Illegal Immigrant Day was not an event which the CRNC teaches or endorses.

My phone continued to ring.

CNN, Fox News, New York Times and every other major media source wanted to talk to me about my recruitment tactics. In fact, MSNBC's Keith Olbermann named me the "Worst Person in the World" on national television for even suggesting such an event on campus.

I honestly couldn't understand what the hype was all about. In my opinion, there was nothing excessively controversial about Catch an Illegal Immigrant Day. It was simply a tag-like game in which contestants (volunteering students) hunt for and capture an illegal immigrant (a designated College Republican) hiding on campus and bring them back to Mexico (the recruitment table). Upon returning the "illegal immigrant" they receive a reward (a piece of candy) and a leaflet highlighting facts about the real crisis of illegal immigration. It was nothing more than a creative way to get the attention of typically apathetic college students, raise awareness of the issue on campus, and hopefully recruit some new members to the College Republicans.

After all, I doubt today's PC Nazis would be in such a tizzy if I had proposed a "Catch a Criminal Day," but isn't that what an illegal immigrant is - a criminal?[More]

This is just an excerpt—I added a couple of links. You can see Morgan's profile on Facebook (and more pictures of her, if any of our politically minded readers have an interest in fitness modelling) at

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