More UFC
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I don't know if you can read it without a subscription to The Atlantic, but here is David Samuels's recent Atlantic article on the UFC championship fight between Rampage Jackson and Forrest Griffin. (By the way, Samuels wrote in The New Republic one of the best articles on Obama's autobiography (i.e., he clearly had read my stuff when researching his essay).

For an analysis of Rampage Jackson's cognitive decision-making skills in the wake of his loss to Griffin, when he was arrested after trying to sneak away in his vehicle from a traffic accident he caused, see What Would Tyler Durden Do?:

Rampage is maybe the most charismatic and likeable athlete to come around since Barkley, but he’s no criminal mastermind. He committed a hit and run in a [jacked-up monster] truck with his name and picture on the side. ”Can you describe the vehicle that hit you, sir?” ”Yes, imagine if Rampage Jackson was a truck.”
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