More Program for International Student Assessment Scores
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Lots of fun stuff here, such as a table on students by region in certain European countries. Some tendencies:
  • For example, England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland all do about the same, but Wales lags, kind of like West Virginia in the U.S.
  • Finnish-speaking Finns outscore Swedish-speaking Finns, although they both do well versus the world. A century ago, high achieving Finns like Sibelius and Mannerheim tended to come from the coastal Swedish-speaking population of Finland, but the Finnish lumberjacks have really come on in the world since then.
  • Flemish-speaking Belgians outscore French-speaking Belgians who outscore German-speaking Belgians.
  • Northern Italians outscore Sicilians.
  • Madrid slightly outscores Catalonia in Spain.
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