More Phony Job Ads—This Time From Hewlett Packard.
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In this case, two technical positions were advertised on an IEEE publication. The ads are facades used by HP to hire foreign workers and to provide legal cover if qualified Americans are available.

Applicants would normally have the expectation that their resumes will be received by an HR person or a hiring manager. That's not the case here, but there is no way to tell by reading the ads.

Resumes were to be sent to an HP location in California, that much is true, but MS 4206 belongs to one of HP's immigration specialists. This specialist, who is probably a paralegal, works closely with the immigration law firm of Fragomen, Del Rey, Bernsen & Loewy LLP.

IEEE isn't the only web site that runs phony job ads for HP. The ads shown below are being used as two examples, but similar ads appear in many other places.

The evidence linking this game of deceit by HP is presented as four items (scroll further to read them). Unraveling connections such as this requires time consuming research and determination. Thanks to Kim Berry of the Programmer's Guild for doing the arduous research to put the pieces of this puzzle together.

Be sure to see this Cisco job ad for another example.

Item #1. HP job ads in IEEE magazine

It's important to note the address to send resumes to: "Hewlett-Packard Company, 19483 Pruneridge Ave., MS 4206".

HEWLETT-PACKARD COMPANY has an opportunity for the following position in Bridgewater, NJ. Technology Consultant. Exp. in dev. & designing in at least one of these: Database, ETL & Bi design & build in one or more of the following areas: bus. intellig., reporting, bus. perform. mgt. & data warehousing. Exp. w/ at least one of the following tools: Ab Initio, Informatica, Datastage, Ascential, Bus. Objects, Cognos, or other info. mgt. tools & disciplines. Employer will accept any suitable combination of edu., training or exp. Extensive travel req. to various unanticipated worksites. Reqs. incl. Bachelor’s degree or foreign equiv. in CS, Eng., Elect. Eng. or related field of study & 5 yrs. of related exp. Send resume & refer to job #BRIYE. Please send resumes with job number to Hewlett-Packard Company, 19483 Pruneridge Ave., MS 4206, Cupertino, CA 95014. No phone calls please. Must be legally authorized to work in the U.S. without sponsorship. EOE.

HEWLETT-PACKARD COMPANY has an opportunity for the following position in Pleasanton, CA. Support Engineer. Reqs. exp. with Technical escalation mgmt, particularly with Engineering & QA; In-depth technical knowledge, the IM portfolio & the environments they are found in; Ability to create knowledge mgmt documents. Proof of concepts and complex installations. Knowledge of support processes, policies, systems & services. Project mgmt skills; Broad technical knowledge on Linux & Java. Afterhours/ pager support rotation. Reqs. Incl. Bachelors degree or foreign equiv. In CIS, Engrng or related & 5 yrs. Exp. Send resume & refer to Job # PLEMLO. Please send resumes with job number to Hewlett-Packard Company, 19483 Pruneridge Ave., MS 4206, Cupertino, CA 95014. No phone calls please. Must be legally authorized to work in the U.S. without sponsorship. EOE.[PDF]

Item #2. HP Labor Condition Application Data

The LCA data spreadsheet on the following web page is a rather typical ETA Department of Labor release, although the DOL no longer allows us to see the contact names. The DOL redacted the names from their newest database citing privacy as the reason. Unfortunately this means that connecting the dots by using newer data won't be possible.

The important piece of evidence is that several LCAs are signed by Susan Lampedecchio. Here is one of those data items:

Hewlett Packard Company Engineering Program Manager 1266 Kifer Road Sunnyvale CA 10/01/2004 Certified 74466 Roseville I-04112-1061789 Susan Lampedecchio Immigration Specialist
Item #3. Copy of an original HP Labor Condition Application

This LCA was originally posted on the HP website. Employers are required by law to make their LCAs public. H-1B regulations specify that posting the information on websites or a public place is an acceptable means of disclosure. Go to this link to learn more details on public access files for LCAs.

Susan Lampedecchio's name appears once again, along with a mailing address of MS 4206. Remember that address? That's the address in Item #1 where the resumes are being mailed to. So, resumes that are mailed to MS4206 are first reviewed by an immigration specialist instead of an HR person or a hiring manager. Lampedecchio's job is probably to find reasons to reject resumes from qualified Americans.

Another name comes up on the form: Michael Boshnaick

Hewlett-Packard Company 19483 Pruneridge Avenue Mail Stop #4206 Cupertino, CA 95014

First Name of Hiring or Other Designated Official SUSAN

Last Name of Hiring or Other Designated Official LAMPEDECCHIO

Hiring or Other Designated Official Title IMMIGRATION SPECIALIST

Contact information

Contact First Name MICHAEL

Contact Last Name Boshnaick

Item #4. Fragomen Web page crediting Boshnaick as a partner

In Item #3 we saw the name Michael Boshnaick but there was nothing to indicate his job title or who he was. Fortunately the law firm of Fragomen, Del Rey, Bernsen & Loewy LLP reveals who he is! Boshnaick is a full fledged partner of the law firm.

That platform is nothing if not a springboard for the firm's colleagues - all of whom say the sky's the limit at Fragomen. "There are no roadblocks to success here," says new partner Carmita Alonso. "Our career paths go as high as we can take them." Indeed, diversity, from the paralegal level to partner level, is simply a part of Fragomen's cultural DNA - and thus is something its workforce as a whole rarely, if ever, thinks about. "It is such a non-issue here," says partner Michael Boshnaick, who didn't think twice about being the only male in an otherwise female partner class. "I think what it boils down to is that a lot of other firms talk the talk, but we walk the walk."
  • HP has an H-1B on the payroll who has been promised a green card. An alternate explanation is that HP wants to hire someone in a foreign country and wants to bring him/her into the U.S. by using the EB green card program. Either way, HP has no intention of hiring people that respond to the job ads.
  • As required by law, HP posted a job ad to pretend that they looked for qualified Americans.
  • Resumes were sent to Susan Lampedecchio, who worked closely with Michael Boshnaick (Fragomen partner) to reject applications from qualified Americans. By this stage of the certification process the foreign worker has already been chosen or is already on the payroll, so no American that applies will get the job. The game is so fixed they would probably even ignore a resume by another foreign national.
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