More On The Mexicanization Of Mayberry
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Mount Airy, NC, site of the recent quadruple murder, and inspiration for the town of Mayberry, is in Surry County, NC. Here are three out of five of the Sheriff of Surry County's Five Most Wanted:

  • Avenida las Flores AKA Jose Torres Negrete, 23 years old.  Wanted for Felony child rape.
  • Jamie Romero-Espinoza, h/m, 36 years old: Wanted for habitual impaired driving.
  • Gabriel Delgado, w/m, 6 years old: Wanted for Felony maintaining a  dwelling house for keeping and selling controlled substances, possess with intent to sell and deliver controlled substance and possession of stolen property.

You may remember that it was a plot point in the Andy Griffith Show that Sheriff Andy Taylor was the "Sheriff without a gun." I would tend to deprecate that as a policy even in 1960, but today, it appears, everybody in Surry County is buying a gun, and who can blame them? [Gun permits up in Surry County, Mount Airy News, June 21, 2008]

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