More on the Chicago Tribune's Pro-Illegal Alien Reporter Oscar Avila
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When pro-illegal alien Chicago Tribune reporter Oscar Avila attempted to explain away his biased stories by telling Dave Gorak “everybody has an agenda,” he’s on shaky ground.

Oscar Avila, private citizen, is entitled to his opinions.

But Avila, journalist, is not.

According to the Associated Press Statement of News Values, journalists must “Insist on the highest standards of integrity and ethical behavior when we gather and deliver the news. That means we abhor inaccuracies, carelessness, bias or distortions.”

Avila, whose immigration stories I have read, is guilty of unprofessionalism on at least two counts.

According to the A.P. standards, Avila shows “bias” by consistently structuring his stories to reflect his advocacy for illegal immigration and “distorts” by refusing to give our restrictionist arguments equal space in his copy.

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