More On National Review on "The Fallacy of Genetic Determinism"
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Blogger and software executive Jim Manzi (who, to my surprise, is not the software executive Jim Manzi who headed Lotus Development back in the days of the 1-2-3 spreadsheet) has a cover story in National Review rehashing the conventional wisdom, "Undetermined: there is danger in assuming that genes explain all."[June 2, 2008 (Pay archive| free version) ] Unfalsifiability, eugenics, the Holocaust, etc etc

There's much in it that's true (e.g., "Correlation is not causality"), and maybe a thing or two that is new, but I didn't see anything significant that's new and true, and quite a bit that will be misleading to people who haven't thought hard about the issues.

I'll respond at length elsewhere.

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