More On Kirkwood—Shooter, Race Unmentioned, Called "An Ardent Supporter Of The Rights Of Residents "
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This is from St. Louis local paper—it does not mention the race of Charles "Cookie" Thornton, who was black, but it calls him " ardent supporter of the rights of residents in Meacham Park," which it refers to as "a traditionally African-American neighborhood," meaning, in this case, what used to be described as a ghetto.
The shooter was shot and killed by Kirkwood police, Panus said. Sources at the scene say the shooter, Charles "Cookie" Thornton, is well-known in the area as an ardent supporter of the rights of residents in Meacham Park, a traditionally African-American neighborhood in Kirkwood. He also was in the midst of an ongoing legal battle with city hall. He had recently lost a case he filed in federal court saying the city infringed on his civil and first amendment rights.[Suburban Journals | News | Gunman at Kirkwood City Hall took weapon from officer he killed, By Erin Taylor , February 8, 2008]
Here's a photo of the dead and wounded—as expected, they all turn out to be white: Kirkwood, Missouri, victims
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