More Immigration Moratorium Calls, But Not From Establishment—Yet
Thumb peterbrimelow
January 30, 2010, 10:18 PM
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Tom Tancredo`s World Net Daily immigration moratorium column Ultimate Jobs Program: Immigration Timeout (Jan 30, 2010) made a brief appearance on the home page of the Google News aggegator thingy, which is supposed to reflect readership, this morning; but has now vanished. Hmmm. Bay Buchanan had a similar column posted in Human Events on January 29. Of course, Pat Buchanan called for a moratorium in his column back on December 7 2009. (And here`s my own Decemmber 3 World Net Daily column). It`s emerging as a consensus on the Alternative Right. But it`s mentioned nowhere else, not even to reject it, despite the rising jobs panic in Washington. Has someone sent out a memo? Let VDARE.COM know if you spot anything!