More Immigrant Meatpackers Committing The Animal Cruelty That American Workers Don't Want To Do
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In an earlier post, I said that the media were unlikely to say if the accused in the slaughterhouse case were immigrants, but a reader poinsts out that the LA Times has actually done so:

Reached at his home Friday, Sanchez, a father of two, said he regretted his actions and that he was only following orders."I did it because they ordered me to. I obeyed them; if not, I lost my job," Sanchez said in Spanish. "I knew it was illegal but they obliged me to do it." Sanchez said he is an undocumented immigrant from Mexico and that he worked at Hallmark for six years before he was fired last month. He is not represented by an attorney. [Cruelty charges filed against slaughterhouse boss , By Victoria Kim, Los Angeles Times, February 16, 2008]

Another example of the corrupting potential of illegal labor.

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