More Huckabee—Illegals Should Have Been Given Warning Before Raid
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My previous item on Huckabee missed this one. This is from 2005, when Mike Huckabee was still governing the unhappy people of Arkansas, who haven't been lucky in their Governors. When the Federal Government, in a rare instance of getting its act together, managed to arrest a bunch of illegals in a raid, he said that they should have been given six days warning to arrange for childcare. (All the illegals denied having children at home when arrested—apparently some of the were lying.)

"Very little thought was given to what would happen to the children, who are by the way American citizens," Huckabee said on his monthly radio show. "I hope the next time the feds will operate with a little more common sense."

He also questioned the idea of immigration enforcement at all:

" We’re now paying money to feed and house them in a jail space that we’re not putting meth [amphetamine] dealers in. "Is a chicken plucker a greater threat than a meth dealer or a terrorist or an armed robber?

" I don’t think so. "Alien roundup provokes Huckabee scolding, BY SETH BLOMELEY, Arkansas-Democrat Gazette, August 4, 2005

And as everybody knows, the "armed robber" and "meth dealer" demographic comes from the chicken plucker population. That is, you have a low-wage population from a high-crime country, you're going to have more crime.

See my story The Nebraska Bank Killers: Were They Or Weren’t They? where I interviewed the mayor of small town in Nebraska, and he said ”Some come up to work, some come to sell drugs.”

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