Missing Egyptian Students: Homeland Security Snoozer
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There has been something of a public alarm over the 11 Egyptian students who went missing on their way to a special college program in Montana. The FBI released a list of their names, but has been slow to publish photos that would actually aid in their arrest. (Michelle Malkin now has the mug shots posted.)

But Newsday reported today that foreign students fall off the official screen all the time to blend into the country, no big deal [Disappearances not unusual, 8/9/06].

Immigration agents are investigating about 1,300 leads on visa violations by students or exchange visitors who were flagged by the foreign-student tracking system known as SEVIS for such things as not showing up at school, ICE statistics show.

And, since 2003, agents have arrested more than 1,800 students and exchange visitors who violated immigration law according to SEVIS notifications, the statistics show. [...]

There are nearly a million foreign students and exchange visitors with visas in the United States, [ICE spokesman Dean] Boyd said.

If a Martian were to plunk down into 2006 America, he would have no clue that this nation was attacked on its own soil just 5 years ago with shocking loss of life. The borders remain scandalously open, as do the ports. Border Patrol agents have been criminally prosecuted for protecting the nation's perimeter. Now we are reminded that student visas are yet another way for our enemies to enter at will.

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