Military Censoring VDARE.COM Again?
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From Iraq, our Allan Wall tells us he???s having trouble with what might be renewed military censorship of immigration reform sites???any VDARE.COM readers know more? He writes:

???There seems to be a problem here with my VDARE internet connection. Up until yesterday, after my earlier article, it was working fine. Beginning yesterday though, I have been unable to enter I even tried to enter through my website, but it didn't work. I also noticed that it's not possible to enter Project USA, FAIR and American Patrol (but I can enter CIS). [VDARE.COM note: A triumph for CIS chief Mark Krikorian???s assiduous triangulation policy!] Now it doesn't say ???Access Denied??? as it did before, but rather something more innocuous such as ???We can't find What concerns me is that it's been that way since yesterday, and that other websites dealing with immigration are also unavailable. Coincidence???or are they denying access again????
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