Mika Brzezinski Refuses To Pronounce Ann Coulter's Name—We Won't Pronounce Brzezinski (Because We Can't)
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Mika Brzezinski was on Morning Joe, attacking Trump and Ann Coulter, as noted in Salon:

“Morning Joe” co-host Mika Brzezinski called Ann Coulter — refusing to even speak her name — “a person who basically runs a business for herself fueled on hate speech and hurting people.”
She did show this tweet, approving of Trump's great speech, on national TV

Brzezinski repurposed Coulter’s tweet to demonstrate the level of right-wing extremism Trump’s immigration policies appeal to.

Coulter “is a huge supporter of Donald Trump. Loved the speech. It says it all,” Brzezinski argued. “But a great leader in the media once mentioned to us, actually, not to ever mention this person’s name because people like that have no place, no place in the mainstream conversation.”

I wonder who the "great leader in the media" in the media was who wanted to suppress even the mention of Ann Coulter's name. Might be interesting to know.

However, for the daughter of Carter-era globalist National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzeziński declaring in the Main Stream Media that no one should ever pronounce a Badthinker's name on TV is an amazing example of media bias.

I myself will resolve never to pronounce the name Brzezinski again. Actually, of course, like most people in North America, I never could pronounce Brzezinski. (One of the minor annoyances of the Carter Administration.) Wikipedia suggests bzheh-ZHIN-skee, but if you listen to the audio, it's even worse.

However, it shows once again that people like Ann Coulter aren't purveyors of hate—they (and we) are victims of hate.

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