Migrational Massacre—What Can be Done
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It is easy for Americans to assume that because the recent massacre of illegal immigrants occurred in Mexico, it really isn't an American matter. The sad fact is that these unfortunates were there because of the failed US immigration policy—and the questionable opportunities offered by illegal employers. Leaders in these source countries also bear some responsibility—since they have helped create conditions that encourage people to risk their lives to leave their countries.

However, it is the illegal employers, illegal investors and their minions in congress that VDARE.com readers have the most ability to influence. As a matter of moral principle, illegal employers and investors owe compensation to the families and communities that lost young people in this massacre. I have said before, the fines on illegal employers are way too low.
Dramatic episodes of homicide and manslaughter are readily visible. However, there are many more deaths of illegal immigrants that are related to less obvious causes—like substance abuse, stress related diseases or workplace accidents that might not have happened if these workers were still in Mexico. Deaths of illegal immigrants(or would-be illegal immigrants) are yet another cost that must be added to the balance sheet when we calculate the costs of illegal immigration.

The fines on the employers and landlords of illegal immigrants—and the lenders that enable them—could be significantly increased. Laws can be changed to enable confiscation of property used to employ illegal immigrants. The proceeds of these increased fines could indemnify the families of illegal immigrants, the communities from which illegal immigrants originate and those Americans directly impacted by illegal immigration.

Will craven opportunists like the SPLC claim we at VDARE.com are "racists" for advocating that the deaths of every illegal immigrant that dies in a border crossing or while in the US be compensated by illegal employers, illegal investors and illegal landlords?

Why should illegal employers, illegal landlords and illegal lenders be given the opportunity to profit from the deaths of illegal immigrants? Until they are paying the same costs for the deaths of illegal workers as they would for the deaths of American workers, they will continue create conditions that result in the needless deaths of illegal immigrants.

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