Midterms Show Divided America—But, Weirdly, Educated Minorities Tend To GOP
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A few more observations from the 2018 midterms:

  • We hear a lot about the educational divide. Democrats are increasingly winning the college-educated while Republicans are increasingly winning those without college degrees.

That's descriptive when it comes to whites (including Jews). It's not so with non-whites, though:

  • While higher educational attainment is inversely correlated with voting Republican among whites, higher income remains positively correlated with it.

Today's archetypal Republican is the master plumber who owns twenty work trucks. The archetypal Democrat is the barista at Starbucks with a PhD in women's studies. The master plumber's doctor and the his employees fall somewhere in between.

Ignore the crazy talk about political dissolution on the horizon. What do you mean people living in America don't agree on anything? They agree on this, that the country is becoming more and more divided by the day! Really, nothing to worry about. Just fifty million more Africans, fifty million more Latin Americans, fifty million more Asians, fifty million more Muslims and everything will be perfectly fine!

  • Relatedly, the decline of the moderate (full exit polling data was unavailable for 2002 and appears to be incomplete for 2010 as well):

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