Mickey Kaus: "The Search For Marco Rubio’s Manhood Is Now Focused On A Wooded Area Near The Maryland Border ..."
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Here's another good one from Mickey Kaus, just the other day.
P.P.S.:  The search for Marco Rubio’s manhood is now focused on a wooded area near the Maryland border … Rubio’s “triggers” don’t prevent instant legalization, the new “90%” requirement is fake, and his call for “multiple hearings” has been brutally denied by Sen. Patrick Leahy ( “Why don’t you let me set the schedule, and we’ll make sure you get a copy of that,” Leahy told a reporter).  Rubio keeps losing the fig leaves that are supposed to make amnesty palatable to border-control Republicans. If he still sticks with the Gang of 8 plan, doesn’t it become obvious that he was just posturing? …[90% Bull | The Daily Caller, April 11, 2013]
A phrase like "The search for Marco Rubio’s manhood" is one of those quotable things bloggers like to throw in to add color, but it has a serious point. The junior Senator from Florida is supposed to be a fairly conservative Republican, aside from his enthusiasm for his "fellow" Hispanics.  Part of his reason for being on this bipartisan gang is to sell Republicans on the idea that it's not a total surrender. If he can't stand up to the Dems in any way, that's not going to fly. (Which would be a good result here, of course.)
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